FREE Partnerships supports community organizations that partner with schools to provide student academic support, mentoring, enrichment activities, and school resources.

FREE Community Partners support Rochester Students in Many Ways

Student mentoring, student academic support, student enrichment, schoo resources

Community – School Partners support student success in the following ways: 

  • Provide volunteers to assist studentsTwo boys reading
    • Support in-school literacy and mathematics development
    • Support Saturday and summer reading programs
  • Support student enrichment activities
    • School events
    • Field trips
    • Use of public libraries
  • Provide school resources
    • Donate books to the school library and provide library volunteers
    • Donate student winter clothing
    • Donate classroom supplies, musical instruments, and computers

FREE Partnerships supports Community - School Partners by providing help to:

  • Collaborate to strengthen Partnerships
    • Share information on programs and activities
    • Build a body of knowledge on Partnership programs
  • Expand Volunteer base to meet school needs
    • Recruit volunteers
    • Screen volunteers
    • Train volunteers to be more effective
    • Manage volunteers
  • Innovate -> Optimize Partnership Impacts
    • Promote FREE Partnerships successful practices
    • Use volunteers in the most effective manner
  • Evaluate Partnership program impacts
  • Obtain funding for Partnership activities

FREE Partnerships will help additional community organizations form new partnerships with schools that want more support.  FREE Partnerships will create an environment of collaboration and sharing between community partnerships to encourage innovation and adopt successful practices for in-school partnerships.  Finally, FREE Partnerships may provide funding for selected community-school partnership activities.